The Farmhouse Etna, is located half way between the Ionian coast and lifts Etna-South, very close to the two motorway exits: Acireale, which takes only a few minutes to Taormina, Giardini Naxos and the area Alcantara, San Gregorio di Catania via the bypass port to Siracusa, Ragusa, Enna, Caltanissetta and Agrigento. Moving from ‘Farmhouse Etna, you’ll see a long period of history, which goes from the Paleolithic, the Neolithic period to the Greek, Arabic, Roman, Norman, Swabian, people who have dominated the past several centuries part of this wonderful Island. You can watch and admire, what all those people who have walked the land of Sicily, we have their passage along the left, works of priceless historical value, arts and culture. The owner of the Farmhouse Etna, as expert the whole Island, I recommend itineraries for you to choose from the most interesting: sea, mountain, religious festivals, because of Castles, food and wine tours, cultural, historical and natural: distances and bringing together the different alternatives with pleasure.

Farm is located at 550 Etna m.s.l.m. then at the base of Etna. In Nature guide the province of Catania, edited by Giuseppe Maimone with text by Salvatore Arcidiacono, it is stated that “Mount Etna is the name that refers to only 500 feet above the volcanic excluding the whole binder foothills. “This statement we can rightly call “Farmhouse Etna” then “Organic”, the choice to cultivate our campaign with this method, in the absence of pesticides and synthetic products, harmful to human health and animals that inhabit the area. We are proud to have started 20 years ago, this method of cultivation in Zone C, the Park of Etna. In the aforementioned Nature guide, you do, mention of the origins of Etna like a volcano born from the sea, about 500,000 years ago, and that the various millennia has now reached the ‘impressive height of 3,340 meters above sea level. Very interesting are the contents of this guide, I recommend to read before venturing into the wonderful experience of visiting the Highest active volcano in Europe. You will find a copy to read in the local of ‘Farmhouse Etna, at your disposal throughout the period of Your stay.

Suggested by the Owner of ‘Farmhouse Etna there are some volumes “Etna Volcano” Authors and Romilda Nicotra Maria Rosaria Falcone published Elective Affinities by the Publishing Society. “Etna myth of Europe” by the Province of Catania edited by Giuseppe Maimone. “Etna 2001” Published by the Province of Catania in 2002 where they are described and cataloged all the steps necessary to defend the area of ??the Refuge Wisdom with the opening of the mouth of the volcanic Montagnola. The owner of ‘Farmhouse Etna during your stay, you illustrate, in addition to some of the area and the main routes culinary delights and possibly answer your curiosity. The nature trail is the most important visit to Mount Etna, which offers a unique experience, because of the vastness and diversity of the territory. From ‘ Farmhouse Etna is easily accessible by car Refuge Sapienza at 1,900 m.s.l.m. With the help of the cable car to get to Hill, at 2,400 meters above sea level, then by Jeep will be up to 3,000 m.s.l.m. L ‘Etna Farm allows you to get the discount, Body agreed with the Etna cable car, on such funds. Come and visit us, you will be welcomed in ‘Organic Farmhouse Etna, in a familiar, and recommended in every moment of your stay.