Farmhouse Etna South – when approaching from the south to ‘Farm Etna climbing from San Giovanni La Punta you can see in what context and peculiarity is the commonly Trecastagni (above named “The Belvedere of ‘Etna’), for its prominent position, you can observed throughout the Ionian Coast and Mount Etna. Catering South Etna from two points of observation is noted Trecastagni a breathtaking view, (the square of the Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas of Bari, where you can admire all the Ionian coast of eastern Sicily, the Calabria to Syracuse), the square of the Old windmills above the town, you can see Mount Etna in its majesty and its detail.

Farmhouse Etna South – Where in the world, are all in their natural state of the three elements essential to life, earth, water and fire, between Etna and the sea lies the ‘Organic Farm’ s Etna you offers the opportunity to stay in a quiet area relaxed, full of colors and scents. Catering South Etna – A few miles from ‘Farm Organic’ s Etna find this spectacle of nature and what man in many centuries left with its products. The lava stone walls to support the earth, so that rainwater does not erode, allowing plants remaining orchards and vineyards, farmhouses with millstones. Etna Sud-Catering offers you the opportunity to observe this wonderful, beautiful active volcano, which often strikes fear in us make its voice heard. Tremors, and profound deaf roar to tell us that the His heart is in the center of the earth and pulses like ours, his eruptive activity, leads many people to visit to learn more about him by close and tell others about their experience, which perhaps will only during their lifetime.

Catering South Etna Etna the highest active volcano in Europe, whose territory is located wholly within the province of Catania offers visitors in addition to the charm and colorful in its territory, the majesty of all his greatness sprigionatasi by the force of nature. Farmhouse Etna Sud-During his stay in ‘Organic Farm ‘s Etna Some lucky guests who have climbed the peak in time of an eruption, have approached with fear and admiration, experiencing an unforgettable moment in time they will remember the smallest that particular visit. The color of the sky at ten thousand feet, the smell of sulfur, the half-island landscape, the wild territory, one of a Typically, that takes us back in the mind the various stages of an eruption of a few years or centuries ago. Very interesting departure from South Farm Etna is around the country surrounding Mount Etna, Trecastagni, Pedara, Nicolosi, Belper, Biancavilla Adrano, Bronte, Maletto, Randazzo, Castiglione di Sicilia, Lingfield, Fornazzo, Milo, Zafferana Viagrande, to see the volcano from all sides, along the passage you can taste local products and observe the crops and the diversity of the territory that each country offers visitors.

Farmhouse Etna Sud – allows you to advance into paths of Monti Ilice, Gorna and St. Nicholas, of inoltranti in the huge chestnut trees, which allow some local craftsmen working with fine wood chestnut, and processing of the lava rock and the art building. Book your stay at the Organic Farm ‘s Etna South benefits available to guests a discount of 20% on Euro and Cable 8.50 per person for the full ascent of Mount Etna up to 3000 meters, open throughout the year, will give you a unique and unforgettable emotions.