Farmhouse Etna Sicily – Located in Trecastagni Catania in Sicily, an ancient village perched on a panoramic plateau, where you will notice the Ionian coast and Mount Etna. Organic farm in Etna several years of restructuring has been changed, with adjustment seismic and the use of ecological materials, and implementation of a photo voltaic system to provide guests with a renovated building and a clean environment. Farmhouse Etna Sicily – Located between Etna and Catania, whose province is bordered to the north to Messina (partly along the path Alcantara river where you find the famous Gorge) with the Ionian Sea to the east, on the south by the evidence. Siracusa and Ragusa, to the west with the evidence. of Caltanissetta and Enna.
br> Etna Sicily Agriturismo – ESI is in a strategic position, just km from the highway to San Gregorio di Catania and Acireale. That allows you an easy link to many sites of great interest historical, cultural, artistic and natural beauty. In one day you can easily visit (Taormina, Castel Mola and the famous Isola Bella) which is part of Messina. Farmhouse Etna in Sicily – a ride in the provinces of Sicily You can see a long period of history from the birth of the earth to the whole what those people have left us eager to greatness during the their passage. The Greeks, Romans, Normans, the Swabians, the Arabs, each has left an indelible and intangible, that still Today we admire, much to the amazement of their genius. Agriturismo Sicilia Etna – you can visit Syracuse (Ear Dionisio, greek Theatre, Castle Maniace (which Archimedes gave a paper of his genius, burning with the use of concave sails enemy ships), known for its baroque UNESCO World Heritage Humanity.

Agriturismo Sicilia Etna – you can even make a visit to Ragusa and Modica (The Baroque) and at the same visit Pantalica (famous Necropolis Rock ‘s eighth century BC). UNESCO World Heritage Site. Agriturismo Sicilia Etna – you can visit Caltagirone (famous for its ceramics) Piazza Armerina (Villa del Casale of the fourteenth century BC, famous for its beautiful mosaics.) and Enna (medieval city with the castle Lombardy where you can see the whole Sicily, as far as eye arrives, and Tower of Frederick. Farmhouse Etna in Sicily – Ten kilometers from the Biological delle’Etna are marine reserve where Homer’s Odyssey mentions Aci Trezza the Cyclops Polyphemus, blinded by Odysseus and his men, which launches Etna tip on the ships of Ulysses still in the port of Aci Trezza. Farmhouse Etna in Sicily – the rooms of the Biological Etna are all with bath and entry personnel. Located in the heart of Etna and produced with organic-certified AIAB ICEA, pears, apples, plums and citrus.

Farmhouse Etna Sicily Italy has an agreement with Holiday Gift for offer the possibility to spend unforgettable days in contact with nature, at competitive prices. Catering biological ‘in Etna area offers the opportunity to meet the needs not only of skiers, nature trails, and fans horse riding and mountain biking. Offers a unique opportunity guided tours.