Farmhouse Etna Sea, Agriturismo Biologico dell’ Etna is located at 550 m.s.l.m. is located between Etna and the Sea, an observation point of the whole Ionian coast. Seven kilometers Acireale (famous for the Baroque and the Sulfur baths) to ten kilometers from Catania. To the south of Acireale are Some well-known countries, with marinas and small beaches interspersed volcanic rocks as a result of lava flows. Farmhouse Etna Sea Trecastagni with Cape Mills are connected by dell’autolinea D, Friend, is located a short distance Aci Trezza (famous for the Riviera of the Cyclops mentioned by Homer in the Odyssey and Verga’s novel “The Malavoglia”) whose sea front is a Marine Reserve, the famous Castle Aci Castello Norman stands overlooking the sea. Cannizzaro and Ognina for marina. From Farmhouse Etna Sea you can easily get, after port of Catania, the famous Coast Plaia with twelve miles of sandy fine, where are located the most important beaches in the city.

Farmhouse Etna Sea, you can easily to the nearby Acireale port of Santa Maria La Scala, with its dotted with scrub Timpa Mediterranean. Continuing north to the beaches of Santa Tecla, Stazzo, Pozzillo, Torre Archirafi, Fondachello, San Marco, Marina di Cottone for arrive to Giardini Naxos and Taormina, which are easily accessible from ‘Agriturismo Biologico dell’ Etna as a few kilometers. You spend a day in the sun alternating a dip in the sea, in one of beaches listed above, and then spend a night relaxing in the cool in Farmhouse Etna Sea is nestled nell’agrumeto. Feel the birdsong and the scent of orange blossoms. All the rooms of the Farmhouse Etna Sea are equipped with bathroom and entry personnel, in case of excessive hot, very rare thing, the rooms are furnished with chandeliers and a shovel to allow air exchange.

Farmhouse Etna Sea is located in Trecastagni, during the summer many People move from country to find the waterfront are a little cool, crowding the many restaurants located in the village, the most lucky they built their summer home, to afford relaxing nights sleep outside the summer heat. Farmhouse Etna Sea if you want to have breakfast in the cool under the Farm Kiwi arbor, located within walking distance of the bar where you can in the morning quietly enjoy a beautiful granite, almond, coffee, mulberry, strawberry or any other relationship with warm brioche. In the period maturation of citrus can enjoy fresh squeezed orange juice or mandarins in winter savory marmalades, also prepared without sugar. Come and visit us in Agriturismo Biologico dell ‘Etna Also known as Farmhouse Etna Sea, you will be enchanted by the territory that surrounds it, as natural environment, cultural, and archeology.