Farmhouse Etna North‘s an organic Farm is located on Etna south-eastern slope of Etna, in an ideal location for tours Etna is the area south and north of the Etna. Two very sought-after destinations, for guided tours and ski and for Etna climbing enthusiasts. Visiting this area from the Farmhouse Etna North, noted the large amount of ‘Etna, its cone shape, that starts from the Ionian Sea up to the summit of the volcano. One can observe the diversity of its territory in the various facets dell ‘Etna. You can easily reach, by ‘Farmhouse Etna North, the facilities located on the north-east, along the road that will leads on this side, meeting the villages of Monterosso, Fleri, Zafferana, Milo and Fornazzo from there the road climbs to Citelli Refuge and linking with the Mareneve Lingfield. From this alpine hut you can do much more guided by challenging to the more easy.

Farmhouse Etna North, rising from Zafferana direction Etna South, climbs the driving route, which leads in the district Cassone, up to the nature trails of the mountains and Pomiciaro Zoccolaro, excellent points of view of the famous Valle del Bove. A depression formed about 65 thousand years ago. In that flows into the valley in its natural state most of the craters, lava flows from central head to the east. From Farmhouse Etna North, you can reach the other Fornazzo opposite in order to observe the same valley that is from Monte Scorsone on the north side. Farm Etna North, very interesting are the excursions the caves that exist in those areas, Ice Cave, Cave of the Raspberries, Palombe Cave, Cave of the Female and so many others, that the guides expert in your area can recommend to every single guest, the second the ability and experience.

The Farmhouse Etna North in such circumstances should fit the cloakrooms hiking (a backpack containing a bottle of water, a lamp Pocket, hiking boots, long pants, hat, jacket wind), and so the expert guidance suggested for each excursion. Farmhouse Etna North, along the route you can enjoy the beautiful vineyards and hazelnut groves that surround the part of the piedmont while the mountainous part of the lava flows that alternate throughout the centuries year ravaged a part of this wonderful land. From ‘ Farmhouse Etna North we can still see some stretches of road overflowed by lava flows and immediately restored, to facilitate the transit of all those people who live in these places that treat with much love and effort because they are rooted in this territory, so harsh but at the same time provide fertile and generous fruit. From the organic Farmhouse Etna North, recommended to fans of botanist to visit these places where you find the forest of birch trees, the Tonda Ilice Carrino of the pine forest where you can admire the Ragabo Pine largest Etna. The lake is located Gurrida wine Randazzo.