Farmhouse Etna Nicolosi, is located near Etna, in a quiet, resort, in a country very old and very close to the lovely sea and mountain, one of the main natural beauty of Eastern Sicily. Etna Nicolosi Farm is located within walking distance of the volcanological museum, and the thermal baths of Santa Venera al Pozzo Achilleane of 400 BC Etna Nicolosi Farm is located ten kilometers from Etnaland the largest water theme parks very close to Etnapolis one of the biggest malls in the south. Etna the largest active volcano in Europe and imposing. Some years ago during an eruption the lava flow has sliced ??the pylons of the cable car, heading towards the Rifugio Sapienza. Even today there are clear signs of this eruption.

Farmhouse Etna Nicolosi has agreements with some companies that specialize in trips with the help of professionally prepared guides that illustrate the area in a clear and understandable to the layman. Nearby are the Park of Etna, which has its headquarters in the convent of the Monastery of St. Nicholas, whose structure has been completely restored with care and ready to be visited by tourists. Farm Etna Nicolosi you can see the quarries for the extraction of lava rock, which is very important products for the local economy, the mills, which break down lava stone which is used in construction and finishing of manufactured products in which those who joined of them are supporting the construction of the works as well calcestruzzo.Vieni You see us, in the ‘Farm Etna Nicolosi, you can enjoy organic products of the farm Organic Etna, and discover local festivals, ancient villages, the carnival of Acireale which is the most beautiful Carnival Sicily that resembles that of Viareggio.

Farmhouse Etna Nicolosi is located two kilometers from the portals, major commercial center and very refined Zagare other main food shopping, where you can find all kinds of shops. In winter the mountain is full of snow, very impressive, you can ski until the end of April and enjoy the Ionian sea and you can have fun now and then, in summer you can dive into the waters of the Ionian and after making a detour to Mount Etna seek the cool of the evening. Etna Nicolosi Farm offers you the chance to have some good discount in the summer for guided tours on jeeps or cable car. To offer you an unforgettable day full of emotions. You can see the contrast of nature, no matter where you trovi. Agriturismo Etna Nicolosi, well connected to every hour, with the City of Catania, via dell’Autolinea AST. You can leave the car to have to go to Catania, for a visit without the thought of the machine, back in the evening to cool off and rest soundly tranquilli.Agriturismo Etna Nicolosi, you will find everything you want, playgrounds, ice rink, cinema, theater , discos and all kinds of fun.